2023 Color Trends Turn Heads

October 13, 2022 2 min read

Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year palette available at the John Boyle Company

All Eyes Are On The 2023 Color Trends

Like shiny red sports cars turn heads and stunning red dresses at weddings upstage brides, Benjamin Moore’s charismatic Color of the Year 2023 is a scene stealer that exudes confidence and demands attention. Every. Time.

Raspberry Blush 2008-30, a richly saturated red-orange that enlivens our surroundings and awakens our senses, is unapologetic in its bravado while making a bold statement. This color is no backdrop. It’s a center stage, big-name-on-the-marquee kind of showshopper ready for its close up. It makes color the star.

“People are ready to bring color back into the home, taking a step outside their color comfort zones,” said Andrea Magno, Color Marketing & Development Director at Benjamin Moore.

Raspberry Blush 2008-30 and the Color Trends 2023 palette empower the use of statement colors that deliver delight and personality, while transforming rooms for incredible results.”

Ready for Adventure? Meet Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2023

Breaking free of the trend toward muted, softer paint colors that may have been reflective of a mood, but didn’t make a particular statement or take a stand, this year’s Color Trends choices are changing the conversation.

Led by vivacious Raspberry Blush, this complementary palette celebrates color to influence dramatic transformations. Together or separately, they can revitalize a living room, revive a dining room or rouse sleepy architectural details. Quite simply, they add “rawr” to wherever they go, from feature walls to front doors.

Discover the eight exceptional hues each selected for their distinct presence and personality, all of them sure to push creative buttons and design boundaries while inspiring greater color confidence.

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush 2008-30

Raspberry Blush 2008-30
Like its namesake berry, Raspberry Blush is intensely flavorful with a sweet tartness that packs a punch.
Benjamin Moore Conch Shell 052

Conch Shell 052
Picture this on your walls! This dusty pink hue is gently reminiscent of sepia tone seen in vintage photos.
Benjamin Moore Cinnamon 2174-20

Cinnamon 2174-20
A deep, rich brown that’s touched by spicy orange undertones is both aromatic and warm.
Benjamin Moore Wenge AF-180

Wenge AF-180
Flipping the script on neutrals, this deep chocolate hue features hints of brown, black, and violet in its undertone.
Benjamin Moore Savannah Green 2150-30

Savannah Green 2150-30
Balancing undertones of green and yellow make this rich ocre as alluring as gold leaf for your walls.
Benjamin New Age 1444

New Age 1444
Soft and ethereal, this light purple is grounded by an earthy drop of gray, emanating a spiritual sensibility.
Benjamin Moore Starry Night Blue 2067-20

Starry Night Blue 2067-20
Like the dark indigo of dusk, this sigh-worthy inky hue breathes romance into any space.
Benjamin Moore Northern Sea Green 2053-30

Northern Sea Green 2053-30
Engaging and deep, this soothing teal rolls with a gentle wave of delicate gray undertone.
Benjamin Moore Etiquette AF-50

Etiquette AF-50
A quiet beige that is the perfect backdrop for showstopping colors.
Benjamin Moore White Heron OC-57

White Heron OC-57
A classic cool white that adds a timeless balance to the eccentric colors of life.
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52

Gray Owl OC-52
The multi-tool of neutrals, this use-anywhere light gray plays with light to showcase its blue-green undertones.
Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10

Onyx 2133-10
A luxurious black that grounds a space while adding a dramatic flair.
Explore the entire 2023 Color Trends palette from Benjamin Moore here or pick up a sample of Raspberry Blush 2008-30, just named Color of the Year 2023!

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