Our Furry Friends by Laurie Nilsen

April 14, 2020 2 min read

Our Furry Friends by Laurie Nilsen

For our next Blog, we thought that we would just have some fun!  We thought we would focus on our beloved pets! Our “Fur Babies” offer us so much, comfort, companionship, laughter and unconditional love!  

My 1st dog, Mimi, who I lost about 4 years ago, was a great dog. I rescued her from the Humane Society. I remember working at my desk at home and she was laying at my feet. Our cat, Sadie, was curled up on my desk, next to my keyboard.  Our other cat, Todd, was behind my back, curled up on my desk chair. It was late, I was trying to finish a design proposal and I thought to myself…I’m getting so much loving from this little crew!”

Think about all our pets do for us.  I know that I am a workaholic! There are days that I skip meals and I don’t move from my computer as I obsess over my current drawing or design project. 

That is until my new rescue, my 90lb lab mix, Suzy, decides “Enough!” and she places her entire top half of her body into my lap, over my keyboard and insists I pay attention to her.  

This happens a few times until I give up and take a break and go for a walk with her!  Thank goodness! We walk, enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and I return, refreshed and ready to go!  

As I am working from home now, I also have my daughter, Sarah’s dog, Indiana with me.  Sarah is stuck on the 12th floor of an apartment building and since we are trying to social distance ourselves, it made more sense that Indy stay with her “grandma”!  

Well, suffice it to say, Suzy and Indiana only sit still for so long as I am again, sitting at my desk trying to work…!  I’m up, down, in the kitchen, offering treats, letting them outside, breaking up squabbles and laughing as I am scolding them to “stop touching each other”! 

I have been searching through my pictures. I came across so many fun ones! 

As I was looking through them all, it struck me on how eager our pets were to be part of the photo shoot!

We thought it would be fun if you would all share photos of your furry friends at home!  Playing, lounging, eating, “working” with you! (Above are my two girls “helping” me write this Blog right now!)  Please email me your pictures! We are going to pick our favorite and award you a prize! Have fun searching through your photos!  Can’t wait to see what you send!  

Contact me at 

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