Robin Weir Robinson

August 06, 2019 2 min read

Robin Weir Robinson

Some people grow into their profession, but for others – like design consultant Robin Weir Robinson – their profession grows along with them.

“I have been working with color, design and decorating for most of my career, starting with a degree in floral design that led to opening a greenhouse business specializing in unusual plants and garden design,” says Robin. “It was also a florist shop that offered home and garden accessories, so when I was offered a position at what is now John Boyle Decorating Centers, it was a natural fit.”

Among Robin’s finest assets as a design consultant is her ability to listen.

“Learning about my customers’ lifestyle, family, likes and dislikes helps me to create their finished space. Gathering customer input is the most important part of my job in helping to create and complete a project that is a true reflection of them.”

What’s your design superpower?I am highly regarded as a color specialist who takes the time to listen to customers’ overall likes and dislikes when collaborating on their latest project.

Favorite spaces to decorate: Kitchens and family rooms seem to give the greatest joy to my customers as these rooms are where they spend most of their time.

What inspires your color choice for a design project? Inspiration can usually be found in a main feature already included in the space, whether it is a particular color from an area rug, furnishings, fabrics or artwork. Even looking out the window at the exterior view can provide inspiration.

What colors do you forecast to be the next big thing? I feel that warm graysand gray-greenspaired with black accents is something that we will see trending in the future.

Any design quirks or superstitions? When I am able to color consult with a customer who purchases paint samples in our store, I always wish them good luck and request that they document the project with before and after photographs. Keeping a visual record of the process gives the customer an even deeper appreciation for what really great color can do.  

I’d love to spend a day with…: (Fashion guru) Tim Gunn. It would be a treat to spend a day antiquing with Tim as we share an affinity for timeless furnishings and collections with stories connected to them.

Most rewarding part of what I do: My greatest reward as a designer is a happy and loyal customer that leaves me with high praises and a hug because they now have a home they love and enjoy being in.

Your home deserves careful consideration when making alterations. Bring your interior design hopes and dreams to life at John Boyle Decorating Center. Book a consultation with one of our talented team members today!

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