Why Winter Can Be the Best Time to Paint Your Home

September 12, 2019 3 min read

Why Winter Can Be the Best Time to Paint Your Home

Winter is approaching and with friends and family coming over for the holidays it’s never too late to consider redecorating and painting. But can you paint your home in the cold winter months? While winter may not be the best time to paint the exterior of your home or business, it’s actually a good time to start painting the interior. Here are a few reasons to consider.

You Have More Time

Nearly half of Americans waste their vacation time by never using it at all.  With the holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner why not start painting before friends and family come over for that Christmas dinner or the New Year’s Eve party you’ve had planned all year? Let’s not forget about those unpredictable snow days we always dream about! Own a business? The holidays are the perfect time to hire professional painters to come in when your staff is away on holiday too.

Professional Painters Have the Time Too

It’s that time of the year when business is slowing down for professional painting companies, so take advantage of the time they will have off. Painters will be eager to start helping with your winter project and they will most likely be able to work around your schedule and be able to add more workers to the job to get it done sooner and more efficiently. The summer is usually a busy time for painting companies so demand drives up prices, but when winter comes around prices tend to drop 20 to 40 percent so keep an eye out for “winter specials” being offered. Need a referral? The John Boyle Decorating Centers can help you with all things painting and decorating!

Winter Temperatures Are Good

Less humidity in the cold winter months allows paint to apply better and dry faster. It’s always a good idea to turn up the thermostat to at least 50 degrees to make sure the walls don`t get too cold because if the temperature drops below 50 it can actually take longer to dry. If you decide to paint indoors this winter you also do not have to be afraid of harsh chemicals or toxins because of the paint. Benjamin Moore has many options when it comes to Eco-friendly, low and zero VOC paints including Aura, Regal SelectWaterbourne, Natura, and many more.

It Will Make You Feel Good

Beat the winter blues this season and take this time to spruce up your home and make it feel warm, cozy and happy. You’re going to be stuck inside anyways so why not start decorating before the spring? Enjoy more time in the summer and get your home renovations done now. Selling your home? Get ready to sell now by prepping and painting for potential buyers and get your home on the market sooner. 

You’ll Find Great Deals

You’ll find great deals on paint and paint supplies in the winter months, especially around Black Friday and after Christmas. Businesses such as the John Boyle Decorating Centers will be pushing better deals, sales, and coupons during this time so customers are happy and ready. Call or visit The John Boyle Decorating Centers today and let us help you with your next winter project. We have in store professionals who can help you with every stage of the painting process from preparation to completion. Make sure to subscribe to our email list and take a look at our monthly specials so you can grab all of our latest deals!

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