Hunter Douglas PowerView Pebble Scene Controller

Enjoy the revolutionary PowerView system that can adjust your window treatments automatically so you don't have to. Set "scenes" based on your schedule, or let them follow sunrise and sunset and experience the perfect room setting morning, day and night. The motorized system can be controlled via the PowerView App or via two different types of Pebble controls—the Pebble Remote Control or the Pebble Scene Controller.

The PowerView Pebble Scene Controller features an advanced display screen that lets you conveniently preview and select room scenes—different combinations of shades and shade positions—that you previously programmed using the PowerView App (available for Apple or Android).

For convenience, the pebble remote can be brought with you from your kitchen counter to bed, but if you'd prefer a fixed location, the Surface Remote can be mounted on a wall - ensuring your controller doesn't get lost in the depths of the couch cushions again.

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